Products to create value using information technology:

System of games saling with immediate resolution printed prior draw.
Official Provider Digital TV Broadcasting, Digital Tv Argentina. Ginga Application Development for TDA.


Services to create value using information technology:

Game Development.
Development of Set Top Box and Digital TV Applications.

From the point of view of the performance of a socially useful production and the meeting of market needs, infoBIZ is a service company oriented towards the creation of value from the information technology and specialized in:

  • Technological architecture and infrastructure
  • Digital design
  • Software engineering and
  • Consultancy specialized in technology related projects

From the point of view of the capital and material resources, infoBIZ is a national company founded and run by its own shareholders.

From the point of view of the common good and the recruitment of human resources, infoBIZ is a company that does not only observe the institutional and legal frame in which it operates but also respects the contractual relations with its customers and suppliers and the rights of the professionals and employees that either cooperate with the company or are part of its staff.

Finally, and bearing in mind the economic purpose of the company, the objective of infoBIZ is the value creation that is achieved by combining the expertise of its human resources and the available technological resources so as to contribute, in turn, with the added value generated by its Clients. By providing quality products and services at reasonable prices, infoBIZ manages to maintain a suitable remuneration for its members and a decent profit for its shareholders.

In short, the incomes and the profitability of infoBIZ are brought about by its own value creation, which is based on the vision, the expertise, the will and the efforts of all its members and serves the carrying out of specific projects.

The thinking is nothing else than thinking, sculpture is nothing else than a product of the imagination, the poem is nothing else than a dream, they are worth no sorrow.
It is the transcription of the thinking into words, the transformation of the stone into a statue or the versification of the poem what take all the efforts.
This effort is long and painful, and however, after having made it, we feel it is so precious, we may feel it is more precious than the work we have finished because, it is thanks to the effort that we brought out everything that was inside us, we raise above ourselves.

J. D. Nasio, Argentine psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, resident in France, where he has been awarded with the Legion of Honor because of the significance of his work.

The company is an economic cell as well as a social cell. It is made up of men and women. It is inserted into the society which it serves to and it can not hold an outsider position in respect of it. Among the social obligations of the company we can find the contribution to the full development of its members by fostering the major human values.

The human resources are the main instrument for the creation of value in a company whose products and services are based upon knowledge, as it is understood by infoBIZ and, it is on that understanding that we carry out our policy of recruitment, training and consideration to the team.

Therefore, we have a multitasking professional team, flexible and highly trained and motivated by the achievement of their personal goals in balance with the necessary customer satisfaction.

Not all work is virtuous. The work may be virtuous if it is valuable for the person developing it or for the society where he/she lives, and if it is not based on other people's exploitation.

Roxana Kreimmer. BA in Philosophy and Ph.D in Social Sciences. Academic, journalist and writer

And the first speculations on the intelligence of a man are based on the men surrounding them.

Niccolo Machiavelli. "The Prince"

The valiant man knows how to fight, the prudent man knows how to defend himself, the wise man knows how to give advice. In this way nobody's talent is wasted.

Tzun Su. "The art of war"

According to a new business discipline called Corporate Social Responsibility, the major ethical responsibilities of a company in respect of its staff and the community are:

  • To serve society with useful products and upon fair conditions.
  • To generate wealth in the most efficient way possible.
  • To respect human rights through fair and proper working conditions so as to promote labor security and health as well as the human and professional development of workers
  • To secure the company's continuity and, if possible, to achieve a reasonable growth
  • To respect the environment avoiding, as much as possible, any type of pollution through the minimization of the waste generation and rationalizing the natural and energy resources.
  • To strictly comply with all laws, regulations, customs and usages, by performing legal contracts and the commitments undertaken.
  • To secure the equitable distribution of the wealth generated.

The definition may seem embracing and each of its points seem to have already been stated in the objectives and values of infoBIZ, as well as in the purposes, views and missions that we may read in the leaflets and websites of thousands and thousands of companies.

Ethics is, however, much more related to a question of everyday life than to a theoretical one. Business ethics as it is respected and applied by infoBIZ can be perceived and verified in the relationships with its Suppliers, Clients, contributors and employees. It is much more than a theoretical question, it is a practice performed action after action, day after day.

There is no definite place, every situation flows or derives from what it is said, done, shown and given as a sign of the quality of a relationship. There is no friendship but messages of friendship, there is no love but messages of love, there is no hatred but messages of hatred; facts and gestures make up an arithmetic that allow us to deduct, according to what we have seen, the nature of the relationship: friendship, love, camaraderie, ethics, or otherwise...

Michel Onfray, French, Ph. D. in Philosophy, founder of the first People's University of Philosophy.

The combination of business objectives, human resources and technology available set the conditions to develop and make available products and services that effectively support the business processes of our clients

The own creation of added value by infoBIZ thereby contributes to the value generated by the products and services offered by our clients to the market.

The application of modern technologies of Software Engineering, Digital Design and Project Planning and Control makes up a work methodology that guarantees successful implementations with an appropriate control of resources, times and costs.

The main objective of war is victory. When victory is long in coming, weapons get numb and moral declines.

On planning, there will be no useless movements, in strategy no measure is taken in vain.

Tzun Su. “The art of war”

These are the companies that make alliance with Infobiz

Broadcom Zinwell Eurocase Tango Group Interprod



Marzo 2014
Panorama Desarrollo de VideoJuegos en Argentina
El desarrollo de los videojuegos en la Argentina tiene un escenario muy diverso, que abarca desde la industria hasta eventos realizados por fanáticos (a nivel nacional e internacional) y por los llamados desarrolladores independientes..
Marzo 2014
VideoJuegos en el Marco del MICA 2013
Luego de cuatro jornadas, finalizó la segunda edición del Mercado de Industrias Culturales Argentinas (MICA), que se desarrolló en Tecnópolis, del 11 al 14 de abril, organizado por la Secretaría de Cultura de la Presidencia de la Nación.


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